Lisa Gliederpuppe


Lisa Gliederpuppe is a visual artist, graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam in 2010, and from the masters program Media Technology at Leiden University in 2016.

Female icons are a constant source of inspiration for the work of Lisa Gliederpuppe. In recent years, she became an active participant and observer of several online communities around contemporary role models. After beginning a channel on YouTube called Lecture by Girls, she was gradually accepted by the Dutch community of beauty bloggers and collaborated with them on several projects. Producing fan art like collages and videos, she is also involved in the online community around Paris Hilton – whom she considers a strong female icon.

Although her work is firmly rooted in the present, it is equally nostalgic because of its varied connections to historical icons and personal youthful recollections. It can take the shape of an installation, film, poem, collage or performance, depending on the sphere of its appearance.

2023// Laurent & The Mona Lisa's @ Louvre Paris

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